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In addition to the mandadatory training we can also provide stand alone presentations on on any of the above subjects including Dementia, Moving and handling and First Aid

All Care Providers are under obligation by law to provide Suitable and Sufficient training for their employees. Historically this has proven to be expensive, time consuming and seen in a negative light for those staff who have had to give up their days off to train.

At Border Training we appreciate the difficulties and have tried to address them with our training packages.


Induction Courses can be spread out over a number of weeks or grouped together on a 3 - 5 day intensive package dependent on your requirements.


Annual refresher training can be delivered over a similar period or in a 1 - 2 day intensive package, again, dependent on your needs.


Please contact us to discuss your needs or arrange a meeting to where we can show you examples of presentations, handouts and workbooks.

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In addition to stand alone training sessions we can also offer Training for your staff to achieve the Care Certificate

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